Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photoshoot with my kids - Bay Street Park

Our trip to Galveston Island

We decided to head over to Galveston Island yesterday to see how the Post Ike process has been going. Well things seem to have been going but going slowly. Its been 4 months since Ike and it looks like it happened a week ago there. Debris is still all over the place. Boats still scatered everywhere. I guess since Ive lived on the upper East Coast all my life Ive never had to go through hurricanes, so I just dont know what to realy expect. Any way here are some pictures I took when we were there.

The water was perfect for surfing! I found an old man surfing like he was 20 again. I love this shot, it just look so innocent and scerene.

When I saw this statue I couldnt believe that the waves from Ike were over this. It just amazes me in every way possible.

This is also a metal plaque that was obviously broken due to Ike.

This boat seems to be stuck there but I liked the way it looked with the sun set and the pyramids in the backround.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Month!!

This has been a crazy start to the year. First off i had surgery on New Years Eve so I am starting out the new year as a new woman. When I got home from Christmas with my family I had to plan my sons birthday party. Within 2 weeks I had gotten everything figured out. I spent a week being up untill 3 working on party favors. It was well worth it because the kids LOVED them!! The party was a success also. I even got a little photo shot in with my little man!

Here is the last minute cake that I grabed before the party. I attempted to fondant a cake but it was a disaster!
This is the final product of the crayon roll-ups!

Pink ribbon for the girls!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photoshoot with my Son - Ocean City, MD

These were taken in Ocean City, Maryland

What I have been up to Lately

Whew what a year 2008 was! There was alot of things that I had been working on this past year but now Im finally getting around to show off my work. I had been looking for a crib set for my little baby boy before he was born but found nothing that i liked. I then came across this fabric that i loved and decided to make my own. In the end this is what the result was.
My Brother also had a baby this year so i decided to make them a few things starting with some burp cloths.

Then i found the michael miller blog and proceded to make a few pairs of cloth shoes and a ring toy for my little man.

Then another toy for my brother.

I love these little cloth shoes and I think im addicted to them!

So this has been a wonderful year and I hope this next year will be the same. Happy New Year to everyone!!