Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I have been up to Lately

Whew what a year 2008 was! There was alot of things that I had been working on this past year but now Im finally getting around to show off my work. I had been looking for a crib set for my little baby boy before he was born but found nothing that i liked. I then came across this fabric that i loved and decided to make my own. In the end this is what the result was.
My Brother also had a baby this year so i decided to make them a few things starting with some burp cloths.

Then i found the michael miller blog and proceded to make a few pairs of cloth shoes and a ring toy for my little man.

Then another toy for my brother.

I love these little cloth shoes and I think im addicted to them!

So this has been a wonderful year and I hope this next year will be the same. Happy New Year to everyone!!

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