Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

I love little bunnies and baby chicks. So when i get the chance to take photos of my little bunnie I just couldnt resist. I found the bunnie ears at Target in the $1 section you cant beat that. Then I just dumped out all the babys toys and used the basket for him to sit in.
I think next time I will use a different color background. Maybe a baby blue or light green.....and a real bunny next time. The posibilities are endless!

Easter is in just a few days and I am not ready. It seems that this year is just going by way to fast. I went to the store to get some easter-y things like grass for their baskets, eggs, a few non candy things. I know that candy is what your supposed to give for easter BUT my 3yr old dosent need candy. So instead Im opting for healthy alternatives. There is fruit, granola bars, peanuts ( he loves peanuts), there is also toys, movies, little things like that. I remember when I was growing up I got candy but we also got other things like books, shirts, movies, music..ect. So think outside the box!
Have a great Easter every one!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Photoshoot with my Neice and Nephew

So while we were waiting on the Beautiful cake to be finished
I decided to try out my new seamless paper backround that we had just bought. I am getting better at this! But first we had to play outside.

Then we go down to business. They are so goofy and make great subjects. They listen so well compared to my little rugrats. Cant wait untill next time!

Here it is!

So what were those odd things? Well you will wait no longer. Here they are the finished product.

The 1st was tule for a tutu! My neice had her birthday this weekend and I was so excited to finally make something girly!

And the Tin Foil?? Well that is my way of making the perfect circle to put on her quilt! This was my 3rd Quilt but my first time Quilting. I never knew how exhausting making a quilt could be. Whew! Glad that is done because my house can get back to normal and I can actually clean it now.

This is the final result and I am very proud of it. Now my Mom, Grandmom, my other neice and Hubby want me to make one for them. Now I have Xmas ideas for them!