Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh how I love the Beach!!

My family and I went to Galveston Beach yesterday and we had a blast. This is the first time my youngest son has been to the beach and I dont think he realy knew what to think of everything. My middle son was afraid of the water at first but then jumped right in!
I think the best pictures are taken on the water. I love to just shoot away at the beach whenever I can. Thank goodness we are only 15 min away from the beach! I cant wait to move closer.


Des said...

you are mean and cruel. I do not live 15 minutes away from a beach, nor will i be moving even closer.

but really, if you could take MORE pictures of the beach and throw in a video every once in a while, that would truly make me happy to know that someone is enjoying the ocean whilst I live hundreds of miles away.

beautiful family, beautiful pictures.

devri said...

ok, I am jelous, it is snowing as I type.. oh well,

awesome photos.. I am drooling.