Monday, April 6, 2009

Here it is!

So what were those odd things? Well you will wait no longer. Here they are the finished product.

The 1st was tule for a tutu! My neice had her birthday this weekend and I was so excited to finally make something girly!

And the Tin Foil?? Well that is my way of making the perfect circle to put on her quilt! This was my 3rd Quilt but my first time Quilting. I never knew how exhausting making a quilt could be. Whew! Glad that is done because my house can get back to normal and I can actually clean it now.

This is the final result and I am very proud of it. Now my Mom, Grandmom, my other neice and Hubby want me to make one for them. Now I have Xmas ideas for them!

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